• Warszawa 13.03.2016 Concert during the "Babski Dzień".

  • Warszawa on 13th February 2016 Lidia Kopania on Valentine’s Day in DDTVN

    The artist performer Whitney Houston’s „Run To You” because in her opinion "It has phenomenal emotional load. In each of its element you can hear the most beautiful and the strongest of emotions – love. Love for a man but also vulnerability, innocence, the need for acceptance.

  • Warszawa on 23th January 2016 Concert with the orchestra

    Third Police Officers' Charity Ball under the auspices of The First Lady of Poland Mrs Agaty Kornhauser-Duda and honourable chairmanship of National Police Commissioner’s wife Ms Beata Maj took place on 23 rd January 2016 in Warsaw. The idea of this endeavour was to provide support to Widows and Orphans of Killed Police Officers Fund. Lidia Kopania sang with the Representative Orchestra of the Police conducted by Janusz Trzepizur.

  • Wólka Mlądzka on 18th December 2015 Christmas carol concert in Villa Otwock

  • Lublin on 17th December 2015 "Fundacja z sercem"

    Performance in Lublin for "Fundacji z sercem".

  • Warszawa on 12th December 2015 Concert for Ewa Błaczyk’s Foundation "Akogo"

    Lidia's performance in Olimpic Centre in Warszawie during charity gala for Ewa Błaczyk’s Foundation "Akogo"

  • Warszawa on 08th December 2015 Koncert "Pod choinką na te święta"

    Lidia sang in Sluzew Culture Centre during The Small Academy of Music ( Mała Akademia Muzyki).She performed repertoire of carols „Under the Christmas tree for this Christmas” ("Pod choinką na te święta").

  • Solec Zdrój on 28th November 2015 Saint Andrew’s Day’ concert in "Malinowy Raj"

  • Warszawa on 25th November 2015 Promotion of the new album - "Pod słowami"

    The concert promoting Lidia’s new CD took place on 25th November 2015 at Agnieszka Osiecka Studio in Warszawie. Visit our galery to see photos from the event naszej galerii.

  • Łódź on 11th November 2015 Concert in Buddha Pub & Gronowalski Restaurant

  • Warszawa on 26th November 2015 Luxury Brand of 2015 Gala

    Lidia sang on the Luxury Brand of 2015 Gala.

  • Świdnica on 21th October 2015 Congress of Polish Tourism in Świdnica

    Lidia sang on Congress of Polish Tourism in Świdnicy

  • Warszawa on 14th October 2015 Jubilee concert of Danuta Blazejczyk

    Lidia’s performance during Danuta Blazejczyk’s jubilee concert in Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio.

  • Warszawa on 22th June 2015 Playboy’s Car of the Year Gala Lidia

    Lidia sang "Hold My Breath" during Playboy's Car of the Year Gala . The song promotes her most recent album "Pod słowami", the song known from the Eurovision Song Contest "I Don't Wanna Leave" and U2’s "With Or Without You".

  • Majdan on 12th June 2015 Concert in Majdan

    Concert in Majdan town - Hotel Brandt.

  • Olsztyn on 23th May 2015 Miss Warmia and Mazury

    Lidia Kopania’s concert during „Miss Warmia and Mazury” competition in Olsztyn.

  • Krynica-Zdrój on 5th December 2014 Miss Supranational 2014 - Gala Finałowa

    Lidia will sing during the International Beauty Contest Miss Supranational. In 2013 the contest was broadcast in 100 countries. The Final Gala was broadcast live and it was watched by 250 million people all over the world.

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